Special Section: Ukrainians, Jews and the Holocaust

Foes of our rebirth: Ukrainian nationalist discussions about Jews, 1929-1947
Marco Carynnyk

Debates in Ukraine over nationalist involvement in the Holocaust, 2004-2008
John-Paul Himka

Holocaust remembrance in Ukraine: memorialization of the Jewish tragedy at Babi Yar
Aleksandr Burakovskiy

Conclusion: Ukrainians, Jews and the Holocaust
Henry Abramson

Market meets nationalism: making entrepreneurial state subjects in post-Soviet Russia
Martin Müller

Elitocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina and its impact on the contemporary understanding of the crime of genocide
Dennis Gratz

Belarus: an emerging civic nation?
Renee L. Buhr; Victor Shadurski; Steven Hoffman

The Bulgarian ethnic model: post-1989 Bulgarian ethnic conflict resolution
Benedict E. DeDominicis