This is the blog of the Association for the Study of Nationalities, focusing on nationalism , ethnicity and national identity around the world.

In recent years, it might have seemed that nationalism and ethnic conflict is a phenomena of the 1990s. The headlines of the 2000s have been dominated by terrorism and other themes. It is of course no secret that nationalism remains a potent force and that ethnic and national identity continue to shape politics in many, if not most, countries around the world.

Understanding the continuing relevance of nationalism is crucial not just for scholars of particular countries, but also for understanding broader trends and regional dynamics. This blog seeks to provide timely commentary and analysis on events like these. Scholars and analysts associated with the Association for the Study of Nationalities will contribute their postings and we encourage a debate on the topics and postings on the topic of nationalism and ethnic conflict.  For more more in depth analysis, see the journals of the ASN, Nationalities Papers and Ethnopolitics.