Nation-building ancient Macedonian style: the origins and the effects of the so-called antiquization in Macedonia
Anastas Vangeli

Genealogy, history, nation
Nathan Light

Nationalism and social welfare in the post-Soviet context
Andrea Chandler

The changing face of the Other in Romanian films
Florentina Andreescu


Special Section: The Scholar, Historian and Public Advocate. The Academic Contributions of Paul Robert Magocsi

A multi-vectored scholar for a multi-vectored era: Paul Robert Magocsi
Taras Kuzio

The paradoxes of Paul Robert Magocsi: the case for Rusyns and the logical necessity of Ukrainians
Alexander J. Motyl

“The Magocsi Problem” (Problema Magochoho): a preliminary deconstruction and contextualization
George G. Grabowicz

Between history and nation: Paul Robert Magocsi and the rewriting of Ukrainian history
Serhii Plokhy

The scholar, historian, and public advocate: the contributions of Paul Robert Magocsi to our understanding of Ukraine and Central Europe
Dominique Arel

Concluding observations on the symposium
Paul Robert Magocsi