Discursive democracy and the challenge of state building in divided societies: reckoning with symbolic capital in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Robert L. Ivie; Timothy William Waters

Integration or separation? Nationality groups in the US and the Republican Party’s ethnic politics, 1960s–1980s
Ieva Zake; Graham Gormley

The colony of the colonized: the Duchy of Courland’s Tobago colony and contemporary Latvian national identity
Harry C. Merritt

Soviet war memorials and the re-construction of national and local identities in post-communist Poland
Ewa Ochman

“Neither angels, nor demons, but humans”: anti-essentialism and its ideological moments among the Russian Zionist intelligentsia
Taro Tsurumi

“Yugoslavia in 1989 and after”: a comment
David B. Kanin

Response to David Kanin
V. P. Gagnon Jr.