The relationship between religious and national identity in the case of Transylvanian Saxons (1933-1944)
Cristian Cercel

Civil society versus nationalizing state? Advocacy of minority rights in the post-socialist Baltic states
Timofey Agarin

Rewriting and remembering Romanian communism: some controversial issues
Monica Ciobanu

The country at a standstill: Yugoslavia and Slovene politics in the 1930s
Jure Gašparič

National identity and money: Czech and Slovak Lands 1918-2008
Marcela Veselkova; Julius Horvath

Agile small state agency: heuristic plays and flexible national identity markers in Finnish foreign policy
Mika Aaltola

Nazi Germany and the Karaites in 1938-1944: between racial theory and Realpolitik
Kiril Feferman