Special Section: Legitimacy and the Legacy of 1989

Communist regimes, legitimacy and the transition to democracy in Eastern Europe
Monica Ciobanu

Yugoslavia in 1989 and after
V.P. (Chip) Gagnon Jr.

The paradox of Solidarity’s legacy: contested values in Poland’s transitional politics
Jack Bielasiak


The social construction of social construction: implications for theories of nationalism and identity formation
Alexander J. Motyl

Russian military patriotic education: a control tool against the arbitrariness of veterans
Elisabeth Sieca-Kozlowski

The goalposts of transition: football as a metaphor for Serbia’s long journey to the rule of law
Christian Axboe Nielsen

The development and institutionalization of Romani representation and administration. Part 3c: religious, governmental, and non-governmental institutions (1945–1970)
Ilona Klímová-Alexander

Lives on the border: language and culture in the lives of ethnic Russian women in Baltinava, Latvia
Olga Cara