Issue 4/2010 of Nationalities Paper has just been published. The issue includes articles about discursive democracy in Bosnia by Robert L. Ivie and Timothy William Waters and how this might contribute to overcoming some aspects of division in the country. Another article by Ieva Zake and Graham Gormley explores the use of nationalities by the Republican party in the US, highlighting some key aspects of American ethnic politics. Few know about the fact that Tobago and Gambia were the only colonies ever to be held by an East European country. An article by Henry C. Merritt discusses how the Duchy of Courland colony of Tobago has been viewed through the lens of Latvian national identity. Ewa Ochman in her article explores more recent history, namely Soviet memorials and their fate and impact on identity politics in Poland. Finally, Taro Tsurumi draws our attention to a little know aspects of zionism in late Imperial Russia.

In our discussion section, David Kanin and V.P. Gagnon discuss Gagnon’s recent article in Nationalities Paper on the significant of 1989 on Yugoslavia.

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